2022 Bataleon - Women's Donna

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  • Quarterback Highback
    • Shorter by design, this highback allows for a more freestyle flex and feel but can still maintain solid edge response thanks to the 3 faceted design structure found in all Bataleon fullwrap model highbacks.
    • Forward lean adjustment 0–12° of forward lean.

  • FastEntry Technology
    Bataleon bindings feature FastEntry technology for easy binding entry and exit.
    The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings allowing you more time to ride.
  • WrapStrap Ankle Strap
    • One-piece injection where a less-is-more design philosophy is paramount. This strap is our lightest ankle strap that wraps and supports your boot perfectly. The hinged frame design allows for articulation and flex so you are comfortable but still supported through the day on snow.
    • The WrapStrap’s carefully designed pre-formed geometry fits your boot perfectly when tightened, whilst distributing pressure evenly across the entire contact surface to eliminate pressure points.
    • Featuring our ladder tunnel to keep the strap ladders tucked away from your pants and out of the snow.

  • WrapStrap Toe Strap
    • A one-piece injection where a less-is-more design philosophy is paramount. The WrapStrap has an internal surface featuring a pod pattern that grips the surface of your boot.
    • The WrapStrap toe strap makes clever use of the vertical thickness of the strap to allow expansion over the toe for a perfect fit and more secure connection to your board.

  • Fullwrap Chassis
    • Nylon with 30% glass fiber BP offers great strength to weight ratio
    • The fullwrap heelhoop offers unmatched toe/heel response without limiting side to side flex.
    • The minidisk narrows the rigid part of the base.
    • See Rome’s fullwrap bindings on the website + tech section for additional info/references.

  • Padding
    EVA sub-base pad to dampen chatter and absorb big landings.
  • Footbed
    EVA footbed for balanced comfort and support under the foot.