2022 Bataleon - Surfer

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The Surfer has been turning heads since its launch and continues to set the bar for progressive 3D shapes. The wide, hull-like nose generates unparalleled lift – plowing through deep snow, surfing through slush, and mowing over bumps. An aggressive sidecut, combined with the extreme swallow, maximises edge grip to enable you to get your palms down on the hardpack while naturally sinking the tail in pow. Think bottom turns, lip smacks, and extended trips to the white room. Shaka!

Shape: Directional Swallow

Camber: Traditional Camber +Pow 3BT + Side Kick

Core: Light Core

Beef: Tri-Axial Fiberglass + Carbon Stringers

Base: Hyper Glide Sintered Base 

Flex: 4/10