Blak - Spono DWR Hoodie

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What colour is better than Black.... not much, but green is pretty close! So we chucked them together to create this beast! The Spono Hoodie is that green and black beast, a big wack of BLAK branding on the front, wear this one be proud to be part of our family of Misfits! 

New & improved high ride neck to keep you warm, adjustable toggles on the hood to cinch in on those cold mornings or windy chair lift rides. Did we mention all tech hoodies are now DWR coated? making this the ultimate shred hoodie and the perfect hoodie to slob in and when you spill sauce down your front it's an easy cleanup. 

  • DWR Coated
  • High ride neck
  • Elastic Hoodie toggles
  • Zip Closed media pocket (Upgraded Zippers)