2024 Bataleon - Astro FullWrap

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Face melting performance.

The Astro FullWrap is the ultimate platform for aggressive all-mountain shredding. It is constructed with the powerful FullWrap aluminum frame and carbon-infused solid FullBack for top-tier heelside control and maximum support during heavy landings. With the precision engineered Infinity Ankle Strap and the Infinity toe strap featuring a hinged 3D AuxTech® pattern, the Astro is built for all-mountain terrain domination.



These nylon composite injected highbacks are lightweight and supportive with a mid-stiff flex for precise edge control.

Highback Rotation

Angle your highback parallel to the heelside edge for the most efficient power transfer.

Adjustable Forward Lean

Fast, tool-free adjustment via a clip on the rear of the highback. Dial it up for more aggressive heelside response or use less lean to keep it chill.


Bulletproof Buckles

Super solid, die-cast aluminum ratchets that will never let you down. Featuring a triple-tooth action for super fast strap closure.

Infinity Ankle Strap

Next level comfort. Form-fitting, pre-curved geometry distributes pressure toward the edges of the strap to eliminate pressure points.

Infinity Toe Strap

The Infinity Toestrap features 3D Auxetic Shape Technology – A hinged pattern that expands perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material for unmatched grip and comfort.


DualDensity Footpad

Combines a super durable rubber top layer with an EVA foam core for supreme dampening and support.

Canted Footpad

A two degree angle in the footpad helps mellow out the knees a bit in wider stances.

ToadGrip Heelpad

A grippy rubber traction pad protects the back of your boot and keeps it locked in at all times.

Adjustable Padding

Choose from three different FootPad positions for a perfect fit with the sole of your boot.


FullWrap Chassis

Designed for riders that are looking for maximum connectivity to their board and the 4 connection points will offer just that; Lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a locked-in feel.

Adjustable Base Size

The chassis can be adjusted to help you center your boot perfectly in the binding and on your board.


Kink Ladders™

Kink Ladders allow you to change the feel of your binding by choosing a low or a high connection point for your ankle strap.

TwoStep Toeladders

Select from two positions on each side of the binding to customize the fit for any boot shape and size.

Sizing: Mens        

M/L US  7.5 - 11.5 / Euro 40 - 45

L/XL US 10.5 - 14 / Euro 44 - 48