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"Buckle in and out 40 times a day? * - Two times should suffice"

* an average boarder on a snowboard day

The unique CLEW experience: The binding consists of two parts. The base is mounted on the snowboard. The separate highback can be strapped with any soft boot of your choice. Through revolutionary locking mechanism, you can get in and out within seconds, even in snow or ice.

Unsurpassed riding experience
The CLEW binding combines the unsurpassed riding experience of a buckle binding with getting in and out in seconds!

Compatible with every boot
No matter what your boot or snowboard brand is - the bindings from CLEW fit perfectly!

Pull once and you can get out of your snowboard binding in seconds!

Snow and ice-proof
Thanks to two locking levels and the special geometry, the lock also works with snow or ice in the binding.

How does the CLEW binding work?

The first time you use it, you enter the CLEW binding just like a traditional ratchet binding. This makes the binding perfectly adjusted to your soft boot. When you arrive at the lift, you simply pull on the red handle on the back of the binding (highback) and step out with it. When you are good to go step in with the tip of your boot into the front part of the binding (toe strap) and then step on the heel. That's it ;-)

Does the binding release in the event of a fall?

No, our click system does not trigger in the event of a fall. Our binding is continuously tested and used by professional riders.

How much does the rubber sole wear out?

The highback has a sole component made of an abrasion-resistant TPU material on the bottom side (the same material as most boot soles). The material offers properties comparable to those of the shoe soles in newer ski boots. It has a cushioning and anti-slip effect when walking on hard ground. If the exit function is mainly used in snow, it will last for years. Gondola rides or lunch breaks at the hut are also possible without any problems. Only at the parking lot or on hard asphalt (with pebbles) do we recommend getting out of the binding in the "classic" way and making the last way to the car without a highback on your shoe.
If the sole does wear out, it can be reordered as an individual spare part.

Snowboard Compatibility

The CLEW Combi-Disc (included) is compatible with the most common snowboard screw connections (Channel, 4x4 and 2x4).


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