Clew Freedom Base Set

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The Clew freedom 1.0 base set is the frame and the toe buckle part of the entire binding. Very convenient as a spare part or if you have a second board and don't want to keep screwing on your bindings.

Clew Freedom 1.0 Base Set

This is a Base Set only. When you already riding clew and want another binding for your second board. Just buy this base set.

  • Baseplate: Separate from highback (nylon/fiberglass)
  • Strap: Toolless Toestrap


The Clew Freedom 1.0 consists out of two parts. The first part, (Not included) the highback, can be strapped to any soft boot. It's light and designed so that it doesn't bother you while walking. The second part, the Base, is permanently mounted on your snowboard. You can connect the highback and base by simply stepping in, without having to use your hands. Thanks to the patented locking mechanism, entry also works when the binding is covered with snow or ice. To get out of the binding, all you have to do is pull the red handle. The mechanism opens, releases the highback and you can get out of the binding immediately. CLEW binding deliberately retained the basic structure of a buckle binding. As a result, the unsurpassed driving experience is retained and you feel safe in every situation. In addition, you have all the usual setting options to readjust your binding at any time and adapt it to your needs.

  • Disc: Combi-Disc 2x4/4x4/ICS Channel 
  • Weight: 1.177g per binding 
  • Package: 2x Freedom 1.0 Binding, 1x Leash, 2x Mounting Discs (with screws and washers)